10th place for Ondrej Cink in Lenzerheide

Just one week after the World championships the next race of the cross country Worldcup was being held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. While the two experienced riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM could not shine, both Ondrej Cink and Thomas Litscher rebounded from problems in the early stages of their race to finish in 10th and 15th, respectively.



High temperatures, the altitude encountered at the Lenzerheide venue and a technically very challenging course made for tough racing for all athletes competing just a week after the World championships in Nove Mesto. Since she had not fully recovered from the injuries sustained at her crash at the World championships, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå from the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM for once could not compete with the best in the women’s race. For the first two laps she managed to keep herself narrowly within the top10, but on the way to the finish the Norwegian lost a lot of positions to finish in 26th. „Throughout the last week I have been suffering a lot and sleeping very badly due to my injuries. Still I can be lucky that I did not break any bones, I guess. Since there are only two races on the calendar left before the Olympic games, I decided to compete in Lenzerheide. But due to all these problems I could not perform at my top level“, Dahle Flesjå commented after the women’s race.


In the men’s race the three athletes of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM all had their own kind of struggles: After a good start, Ondrej Cink was pushed towards the barriers in the very first corner, forcing him to slam the brakes and get back to speed in a huge gear. The Czech rider started a brilliant chase and put things in perspective at the finish: „For a couple of laps I had to give everything just to get back to the top15. I’m pleased that I still managed to finish in 10th after that start. Without that incident I might have well finished on the podium today.“ Thomas Litscher was slowed down by a flat tire in the second lap but made good use of his excellent form to claw his way back into the race. „I had to go deep to get back into a decent position after that flat, and due to that I could not attack on the final two laps anymore. I preferred to score a decent result to trying to push on by all means and blow up as a consequence. By finishing in 15th and being the 4th fastest Swiss rider on the day I did just that. And considering the fact that the flat costed me about 40 seconds, I could have done even better here today.“ Stricken with stomach issues, José Hermida never was a factor in the men’s race, abandoning in the sixth out of a total of eight laps.