5th win for Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå in Heubach

At the second round of the MTB Bundesliga, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå gave another sample of her class in harsh conditions: The Norwegian rode to her fifth win in Heubach in superior manner. In the men’s race all three riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM finished in the top10 with Ondrej Cink, José Hermida and Thomas Litscher.



In the week leading up to the second round of the MTB Bundesliga heavy rain had been falling down on Heubach repeatedly, making the already hard course even more demanding. When another rain shower set in just before the start of the women’s race Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå knew that this was her day. The Norwegian rider of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM returned from the first lap as the lone leader with a gap of 25 seconds on her closest competitors. And from there the Norwegian kept extending her lead. „Today my feeling was super, and with two weeks to go to the World championships in Nove Mesto we’ve got the feedback we were looking for. The rain did not bother me - to the contrary. The course only got harder on the final two laps when the rain stopped and the mud became sticky“, Dahle Flesjå reflected on her race, adding with a loud laughter: „Of course it’s great to be the new record winner in Heubach with five victories. After all I love records!“


In the men’s race the riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA RACING TEAM were only seen at the very head of the race on the first lap. Ondrej Cink was the second rider to crest the first long climb of the course. But due to the rain the surface had become very slippery, and so the Czech rider lost quite some time and positions on the descent. This scenario kept repeating throughout the next couple of laps until Cink crossed the finish line in 6th place. „I’m quite happy with my performance. Now I will return to Kitzbühel to continue my preparations for the World championships in Nove Mesto.“ José Hermida was pretty satisfied with his race in Heubach as well after finishing in 7th place. In order to minimize his disadvantage at the start, the Spaniard had focused his training on explosiveness recently. „These changes paid off. I may have felt a bit tired before the race, but the first five to seven minutes were decidedly better than in la Bresse. With Thomas Litscher, the third rider of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM also finished within the top 10, crossing the line in 10th.


MTB Bundesliga 2016: 2nd round in Heubach

Result women:

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, NOR/MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, in 1:30.33 hours

2. Daniela Campuzano, MEX, + 3.26

3. Helen Grobert, GER, + 3.39