Lift in morale for Julian Schelb in Greece

As in the years before, persistent pollen allergy issues have kept Julian Schelb as the youngest rider of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM from showing his full potential this spring. Now he aims to rebuild his form and confidence at smaller races. In hot summery temperatures Julian Schelb scored a podium result in Greece right away.



Year after year he was slowed down by persistent pollen allergy issues in spring, right when the racing season starts. As endurance sports and breathing problems are a very bad combination, Schelb could not live up to his own and the public expectation all too often. To give Julian Schelb the necessary time to rebuild his form and confidence, his team manager Fabian Aust has changed the racing schedule for the 24 year-old German. Rather than competing at the Swiss Cup and then traveling all the way to Australia for the worldcup opener, Schelb’s aim is to get back to his full potential in smaller races. The MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM has made sure that Julian Schelb only competes in regions where his pollen allergy is unlikely to cause any problems. Last weekend, Schelb lined up for a stage race in Greece in hot summery temperatures, and next weekend he will be traveling to another race in Norway where the temperatures are still pretty low.


This approach has delivered results right away: At the Lamia XCO Challenge stage race in Greece, the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM rider finished on the podium in all three stages. „In Saturday’s first stage, a point-to-point race over 40 kilometers, I lost quite some time due to a mechanical, but I still managed to finish in 3rd place. On Sunday I fared better with a 2nd place in the sprint race, which was one lap on the next day’s crosscountry course. But given a race time of fifteen minutes, it was hard to claw back any substantial time. In the final crosscountry race I managed to gain three minutes on the rider who was second in the overall standings. Thanks to that, I moved up from third to second in the overall standings“, as Julian Schelb recounts his successful trip to Greece.


Lamia XCO Challenge - UCI S2

Lamia, Greece

Overall standings, men:

1. Dimitrios Antoniadis, GRE, in 3:36.41 hours


3. Johannes Blasi, GER, + 10.04